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Cut energy costs at home: 5 easy ways

With the economy in tatters and still hovering around 10% unemployment, it is increasingly difficult to make ends meet. In some cases, 75% of the electricity used to power home electronics and small appliances is consumed when powered off. According to the website of the Department of energy. There are lots of ways to save money through energy efficiency in the home. But before you start the assault through the House wildly unplugging things to save a few bucks, which you need to know which areas in the House cost money. Here are 5 tips on how to save real money just by keeping the House from using the power when you’re not around.

1. Perform a home energy Audit

Do a home energy audit. This explains the places in your home that you can lose money. You can hire someone to do it professionally or DIY. Since you’re looking to save money, you can do it yourself fairly easily. The Web site of the Department of energy goes into all the details and tells you exactly how to give your House an energy audit, the link is below.

2. Install the Green switches

Cut energy consumption by installing “green switch” in your home. A green switch is a device that controls the power of all the electronics connected to the Green switch. All Electronics use energy even when they are turned off because they draw power from the wall while they are connected. Just think of the TV, dvd player, stereo and computer. Every night while you are sleeping and are off, they are still sucking electricity while they are connected. Think of a green switch as a light switch for electrical outlets. Just don’t use electronics that need power continuously in operation. For example; the DVR or the refrigerator.

3. light bulbs

The bulbs are an easy way to save money in energy costs. Switch to energy efficient light bulbs, are a bit more expensive than traditional bulbs but lasts up to 3 times as much and use less power as traditional bulbs. If you like traditional bulbs, you can still save money. Use fewer bulbs are used. Most kitchens, bathrooms and dining rooms are multiple light Sockets in them. Instead of using two 100 watt bulbs from in the kitchen, try using a 150-watt bulb. Four bulbs in a dining room looks a bit too much, two will give a lot of light. The Web site of the Department of energy says it is better to use less bulbs to a power greater than most light bulbs at a lower wattage. Use motion sensor lights for the outside of your home, rather than keep an outside light on all night, or use solar powered outdoor lighting.

4. Digital thermostats

You’d be surprised at all the millions of homes that still have more than 15 years thermostats. Digital thermostats have now all kinds of functions, from design, save on energy bills. They are more careful to get the correct ambient temperature means that the system only works when it is needed. You can also give specific times to turn on and off through out the day and night; which is more efficient than setting the thermostat only when nobody is home.

5. Insulation and drafts

In spring and autumn should go around your House, inside and out and check your insulation and draft control. Replace any insulation that is rotten, falling, or has been damaged. Use caulking and weather stripping to seal Windows, doors and any other areas that are not sealed properly. Check for drafts, the holes or damages garage and the basement and attic for possible damage.

There are dozens of ways to cut your energy bill. These will have started on the road to saving. Green switches, digital thermostats and energy-efficient bulbs might seem like small potatoes, but just give it a try and see how the energy bill is reduced in size. As an added bonus you’ll be helping the environment as well by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Next time you’re looking to save a little, look around your House for more ways to reduce energy costs.

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